Rust is Adding Backpacks After 10 Years of Being Live

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Facepunch Studios Unveils Backpacks and Upcoming Features in Rust’s Ten-Year Anniversary Update

On February 1, 2023, Facepunch Studios will release the ‘Backpack Update’ in Rust, the ten-year-old open-world survival game. This long-awaited feature will introduce craftable backpacks that expand players’ inventory capacity for more efficient resource and equipment carrying.

A Decade of Development and Success

Since its launch, Rust has sold 16 million copies and undergone over 350 content updates. With a peak concurrent player count of 244,000 users, the game’s thriving modding community has produced over 124,000 Steam Workshop items.

The Backpack Update: More Than Just a Feature

Rust’s last ten years have brought significant growth and advancements to the game, with the upcoming ‘Backpack Update’ being just one part of it. Here are some other improvements coming in 2024:

Performance and Quality-of-Life Improvements

Beyond backpacks, Facepunch Studios plans to focus on enhancing game performance and improving overall player experience with various quality-of-life adjustments.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

With Rust having reached such impressive milestones, it’s clear that Facepunch Studios is far from wrapping up the project. Keep an eye on Insider Gaming for more updates and coverage as Rust continues its journey into the future.

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