Walmart Will Start Selling Real-World Items In Unity Games

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Walmart Partners with Unity for In-Game Commerce APIs

Walmart has recently announced plans to collaborate with Unity, a leading cross-platform game engine and editor company, to introduce commerce APIs into games and apps built on the platform. This new feature will allow players of Unity-powered games to buy realworld items directly from Walmart storefronts within the game.

Testing and Partnership: Not a New Concept

Although not an entirely new concept, Walmart’s partnership with Unity marks a fresh start. Over the past year, Walmart has worked with three developers to test in-game commerce in the following games:

  • Name of Game 1
  • Name of Game 2
  • Name of Game 3

Seamless Shopping Experience

With the new partnership, users will no longer need to leave their games to purchase and order items from Walmart. Imagine playing The Sims and instantly ordering that coveted piece of furniture directly from the in-game catalogue.

Expanding Reach: Unity’s Impressive Numbers

In a statement, Tom Kang, the VP and GM of Metaverse Commerce at Walmart, emphasized the potential reach and profitability of partnering with Unity. With over 1.1 million developers (despite recent pricing controversies) and an average of 3.6 billion game and application downloads per month, Walmart is poised to tap into a significant market as it continues to expand its digital presence.

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