Get Every Star Citizen Ship For Just $48,000

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Own Every Ship in Star Citizen: A Decade-Long, Half-Billion Dollar Game, for $48,000

Star Citizen, a game with an impressive development history spanning over ten years and boasting a funding of more than half a billion dollars, is now offering a unique opportunity for gamers. For the price tag of $48,000, you can own every ship in this historic game through the new Legatus bundle.

The Monumental Legatus Bundle: A Collection of 175 Ships

Recently, the developer of Star Citizen made an exciting announcement – the release of the Legatus bundle containing a total of 175 ships. This colossal collection, which includes all ships released and conceptualized through 2953, is priced at an astonishing $48,000.

The Perks of Being a Chairman’s Club Member

Here is the description of this exclusive bundle, as featured on the Star Citizen Website: The Legatus bundle doesn’t just include every ship but also future content yet to be released. However, it’s important to note that you can only purchase the Legatus bundle if you have already made significant investments in Star Citizen and are part of the ‘Chairman’s Club.’

An Immersive Experience with a Devoted Community

Star Citizen is renowned for its immersive gameplay and thriving community of dedicated players, who have willingly invested substantial sums to be a part of this piece of gaming history. The Legatus bundle serves as an extension of the game’s rich experience, even if its price tag seems completely absurd to some.

Is $48,000 Worth It for Digital Ships?

So, the question remains – are you ready to invest $48,000 in digital ships and join the exclusive ranks of Star Citizen’s most dedicated players?

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