Bethesda Confirms New Starfield Updates And Fixes

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Bethesda Game Studios Announces Upcoming Features and Updates for Starfield

In their recent 1.8.88 patch notes, Bethesda Game Studios has shared some anticipated features and updates coming to Starfield. Here’s a closer look:

Resolving In-Progress Quests Issues

An update, scheduled “early next year,” is in development to address ongoing quest issues. Bethesda’s developers have implemented a new system to prevent save rollbacks, making progress more secure.

Future Updates: City Maps and More

Regarding future updates, Bethesda has been actively working on introducing city maps, mod support, and “new ways of traveling.” This could suggest multiple new vehicles or transportation options. Fans are already buzzing about potential additions like new ships or mecha.

Stay Tuned for Travel and Mod Updates

“Stay tuned” is the message from Bethesda about the travel update. As more information surfaces, fans can expect the travel options to come before city maps or mod support.

Mod Support and Replay Value

Starfield’s official mod support is currently under development, but a release date hasn’t been announced yet. By embracing the modding community, Bethesda can significantly boost Starfield’s replay value and gain goodwill from fans.

Balancing Features and Fixes

New features will not impede Bethesda’s commitment to bug fixes. The team plans to deliver updates “roughly every six weeks,” including hotfixes if conditions are met. Starfield has experienced numerous bugs, some of which have persisted since launch. Prioritizing bug fixes before introducing additional features is crucial.

Starfield’s Future: Fixes, Features, and Community Engagement

Bethesda Game Studios has shared some insights into the upcoming features and updates for Starfield. The team is addressing in-progress quest issues with a new system, aiming to release an update “early next year.” Furthermore, city maps, mod support, and new ways of traveling are on the horizon. The travel update is currently being teased, with more details expected soon. Starfield’s official mod support doesn’t have a definitive release date yet but is anticipated to boost replay value significantly. The community, which has been instrumental in enhancing Skyrim, will benefit greatly from this feature. Despite the focus on new features, Bethesda remains dedicated to addressing technical issues with consistent fixes “roughly every six weeks.” Starfield’s success relies heavily on a balance between fixing existing problems and introducing new content. Stay tuned for further developments!

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