Until Dawn Possibly Getting Remaster For PC, PlayStation 5

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Dealabs Reports: Until Dawn Remaster or Remake Announcement Possible within Two Weeks

According to recent rumors from Dealabs, a remaster or remake of the interactive survival horror game Until Dawn might be announced within the next two weeks for both PC and PlayStation 5.

Investigations Suggest Until Dawn’s Return

Dealabs claims they have discovered, through “some investigations,” that Until Dawn is set for a comeback with a new version.

Interactive Horror Game With Hollywood Ties

Originally developed by Supermassive Games and released in 2015, Until Dawn is a cinematic horror game that takes place at a terrifying ski lodge. With its engaging storyline and major Hollywood actors, it has been compared to a movie.

Time for a Remaster or Full Remake?

With nearly a decade passing since its initial release, it’s natural to assume that Until Dawn is due for an update. Games like The Last of Us Part II have received remasters with impressive enhancements, even though the original game was released as recently as 2020.

Until Dawn Movie in Development

Supermassive Games recently announced that an Until Dawn film adaptation is in the works. Directed by David F. Sandberg (Annabelle: Creation) and written by Gary Dauberman, the movie could provide a fresh perspective on the game.

The Cinematic Game vs. The Movie: What’s the Difference?

Despite concerns from some fans about a movie based on such a cinematic game, new performances and twists could make the experience entertaining.

Timing: An Until Dawn Announcement and State of Play

Given Supermassive Games’ confirmation of the new movie, an announcement for a Until Dawn remaster or remake on PlayStation 5 could coincide with the PlayStation State of Play event reportedly scheduled for mid-March.

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