Palworld Reaches 1.8 Million Concurrent Players on Steam

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Palworld Sets New Record with 1,864,000 Concurrent Players on Steam

Palworld, the new monster taming game, has made history by surpassing Counter-Strike 2’s all-time peak of 1,818,000 concurrent players on Steam. The game sold over 500,000 copies in just 8 hours after its launch last week.

Palworld’s Impressive Debut

The concurrent player count on Steam had already reached over 300,000 at that time, causing some server issues. The developers had to collaborate with Epic Games to resolve the problem.

Palworld’s Intense New Fandom

The game has gained an intense new fandom, with many praising its edgy twists on the monster taming genre. However, some fans have raised controversy over Palworld’s similarities to Pokémon.

The Debate Over Similarities

Despite the controversy, some fans have embraced the similarities and even created a mod featuring Ash and other familiar characters, as well as iconic Pokémon. However, Nintendo has already issued DMCA takedowns for the mod.

Palworld’s Impact on Pokémon Fans

Palworld’s enormous success might also be a testament to the growing unrest among Pokémon fans, who have been divided over recent installments in the flagship series. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet received criticism from some fans over its visuals and fundamental issues.

Palworld’s Availability and Popularity

Palworld is available on PC, Xbox, and Game Pass. With over 1.8 million concurrent players on Steam, it only trails behind PUBG’s record of 3 million.

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