GTA Trilogy Hits 18 Million Downloads on Netflix Games

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GTA Trilogy on Netflix Games Surpasses 18 Million Downloads: San Andreas Tops the Chart

According to a recent report from, the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition on Netflix Games has achieved impressive results with over 18 million downloads across iOS and Android devices. The data was provided by Appmagic.

Steep Increase in Downloads After Release

The GTA Trilogy was released on Netflix Games in December 2023. Since then, there has been a significant surge in downloads.

Positive Feedback from Fans

Many fans have shared their positive feedback about the new mobile version of the GTA Trilogy, which includes Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas. They have praised its superior changes compared to the 2021 Definitive Edition.

San Andreas Leads Netflix Games Chart with 11.6 Million Downloads

Interestingly, the Appmagic data reveals that San Andreas has accumulated 11.6 million downloads alone, making it the most popular game in the trilogy on Netflix Games.

Setting a High Standard for Future Titles

This success indicates that Netflix Games has gained the trust and goodwill of subscribers, especially with the attention to detail in the GTA Trilogy. However, it also sets a high standard for future titles.

Obstacles for GTA Series

The GTA series, which includes Grand Theft Auto V and the upcoming GTA 6, has faced several challenges recently. Notable incidents include severe leaks that occurred in December 2023, involving the hack of Rockstar Games by an individual known as the ‘Florida Joker.’

Threats and Interest from Hackers

The ‘Florida Joker’ had initially threatened Rockstar Games with plans to join the hacker who leaked the GTA 6 information. However, they have recently expressed interest in collaborating with Netflix Games instead.

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