God of War TV Show Script Is Now Being Written

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Sony Confirms Live-Action Adaptations of God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn in the Works

During a panel at CES 2024, Sony representatives announced that scriptwriting is underway for the live-action adaptations of God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn. This news comes on the heels of successful transitions of PlayStation franchises like Uncharted and The Last of Us to both big and small screens.

The Success of PlayStation-to-Screen Transitions

Katherine Pope, President of Sony Pictures Television, revealed that the Horizon Zero Dawn project in collaboration with Netflix is also currently being written. Modern PlayStation-exclusive games have become interactive movies due to their immersive narratives, cinematics, and top-notch voice acting.

Interactive Movies and the Impact on Live-Action Adaptations

The Last of Us, which premiered on HBO in 2023 to rave reviews, is a near-literal translation of the 2013 game. With a wealth of material to work from, these games almost write themselves when it comes to live-action adaptations.

Bringing PlayStation Franchises to Life on Screen

Recent examples include Gran Turismo, Uncharted, and Twisted Metal making their way onto cinema or television screens. Now, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn join the list, leaving fans to ponder who will take on the lead roles for these highly anticipated projects. Will Dwayne Johnson secure the part of Kratos in God of War, or will it be Christopher Judge who reprises his role? As for Horizon Zero Dawn, could Rose Leslie – who bears a striking resemblance to the lead character Aloy – claim the lead role?

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