Xbox is Prototyping a Native Xbox Handheld, it’s Claimed

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Xbox’s Rumored Native Handheld: A New Contender in the Portable Gaming Market

During the latest episode of the Xbox Two podcast, host Jez Corden shared some intriguing news about Microsoft’s plans for a new native Xbox handheld. He mentioned, “I know that they’ve [Xbox] have got handheld prototypes right now” (Podcast timestamp: 1:17:45). Corden went on to clarify that these weren’t old prototypes, but new ones, implying possible product development.

Xbox’s Native Handheld: Not a Cloud Gaming Device

“No, not a cloud handheld,” Corden emphasized. Instead, Xbox seems to be focusing on a fully native handheld gaming device (Podcast timestamp: 1:19:30).

Is an Xbox Handheld a Smart Move Amidst Console Sales Stagnation?

With the tremendous success of handhelds like the Nintendo Switch (over 100 million units sold since launch), the recent entry of Steam Deck and ROG Ally, and rumors of a PlayStation Portal, Xbox entering the handheld market seems like an astute move. In fact, some believe that hardware innovation in this sector is one of the last bastions for growth as console sales appear to plateau.

When Will We See an Xbox Handheld?

Although no official announcement has been made regarding a new Xbox handheld, there have been rumors suggesting that the console’s next generation of devices could be a dockable handheld, similar to the Nintendo Switch. Earlier this year, Xbox’s new President, Sarah Bond, teased that “We’ve got more to come. There’s some exciting stuff coming out in hardware that we’re going to share this holiday” (Source: IGN).

Join the Discussion: What Do You Think of an Xbox Handheld?

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