Anthem Sold 2 Million Copies in One Week And Then Died

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Anthem: A Promising Start, But a Disappointing End for BioWare

In February 2019, Anthem was released with great fanfare by Electronic Arts (EA) and developer BioWare. The marketing campaign for this new ‘looter shooter’ live service game was intense, with a launch trailer directed by Neill Blomkamp adding to the hype. However, Anthem did not meet expectations.

Underperforming Sales and Technical Issues

Despite reportedly selling two million copies in just one week, it was later revealed by a former EA manager on LinkedIn that Anthem had only managed to sell five million copies in its entire lifetime. The game’s lackluster performance was due in part to a series of technical issues that plagued it from the start.

The Abandoned Post-Apocalyptic World

Initially, Anthem looked promising. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players would assume the role of a ‘Freelancer’, a defender of the people against hostile enemies including giant insects, beastly creatures, and bloodthirsty humans. Sadly, the game did not live up to expectations.

A Game That Failed to Deliver

Despite the massive initial audience attracted by marketing efforts, players abandoned Anthem relatively quickly due to technical issues. BioWare’s roadmap for the game was mostly undelivered, and the player count dwindled over time.

The Future of Anthem

It was recently revealed that former Senior Global Marketing Manager at EA, Jeff Grubb, mentioned on LinkedIn that Anthem had sold five million copies in its lifetime. However, with Electronic Arts pulling games like Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and the Battlefield Bad Company series offline in recent months, there is speculation that Anthem could be next.

What Were Your Thoughts on Anthem?

Did you have the opportunity to play Anthem? If so, what was your experience with the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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