You Don’t Need To Be Last Alive to Win Warzone Anymore

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Revolutionizing Battle Royale: Winning Warzone Without Being the Last Player Alive

Activision and its studios, including Raven Software, have challenged the conventional wisdom of performance royale games by introducing a unique feature that allows players to ‘win’ without being the last one or team standing. This change, part of the Season 1 Reloaded update on January 17, introduces an extraction shooter mode to Warzone.

Covertly Exfiltrating from a Warzone Match: A New Way to Win

Instead of the traditional ‘last man (or team) standing’ concept that has defined performance royale games since they gained popularity, Raven Software offers players a chance to covertly exit the match and escape via helicopter. This new feature blends the performance royale genre with an extraction shooter mode.

How to Win Warzone Without Winning: A Simple Process

In each performance royale match, up to five covert exfil packs will be available for purchase before the Gulag is closed. Once a player has secured one of these drops, they can call in a helicopter to extract them from the game. The number of covert exfils achieved is tracked on a separate leaderboard.

It is important to note that a covert exfil does not count as a legitimate win and will not contribute towards the Champion’s Quest.

A New Incentive: Weapon Cases and Exfiltration

The Season 1 Reloaded update also introduces a weapon case function filled with rewards. Once picked up, the player will be marked for the remainder of the match, but they can still opt for a covert exfil and secure the weapon case rewards.

This change doesn’t represent a significant departure from the game, but it offers an alternative way for up to five teams or players to leave Warzone at their convenience – provided they can afford the cost of a covert exfil.

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