5 Best Indie Games of 2023

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2023: A Groundbreaking Year for Indie Games

Indie developers have once again raised the bar in 2023, offering gamers experiences that rival and often surpass mainstream releases. The following indie games stand out for their unique storytelling, innovative gameplay mechanics, and artistic brilliance.

Chant of Sannaar: A Mysterious Journey

Chant of Sannaar draws players into the captivating world of Sennaar with its intriguing narrative. Players navigate various objectives, encountering puzzles at every turn. Your ultimate goal is to ascend the Tower of Babel while deciphering any symbols or languages that hinder your progress.

Cocoon: A Metroidvania-Style Puzzle Adventure

The popularity of Cocoon skyrocketed in 2023, offering a unique puzzle game experience. The main character, Cicada, journeys through orb worlds to acquire new abilities that help solve progressively more complex puzzles. Players encounter boss fights at the end of each orb world and must utilize their skills effectively to defeat them.

Dredge: Scary Fishing Adventure

Dredge offers two distinct experiences – a relaxing fishing game or a heart-pounding horror adventure. Players can opt for the former, enjoying the calming waters while catching fish. Alternatively, keeping the scary parts on introduces Lovecraftian creatures that threaten to destroy your boat at night.

Dave: A Diver’s Tale

Dave, a diver by trade, was one of the most popular indie games in 2023. Players collect materials to upgrade equipment and form relationships with NPCs. The game’s immersive narrative makes it hard to skip cutscenes, earning Dave Steam’s 2023 “Sit Back And Relax” award.

Sea of Stars: A Tribute to Old-School RPGs

A must-play, Sea of Stars is an epic old-school RPG inspired by Chrono Trigger that won the hearts of millions in 2023. Winning The Game Awards’ Best Indie Game award speaks volumes about this game’s quality. Players will find themselves frequently pausing to admire the stunning landscapes and appreciate the carefully crafted music.

Which Indie Games Left a Mark on You in 2023?

What indie games did you play and enjoy in 2023? Share your thoughts and recommendations below!

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