Nintendo Making Layoffs as First-Party Schedule Slows

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**Nintendo of America Announces Layoffs in Testing Departments:**

**Amid Sluggish First-Party Release Schedule**

Nintendo of America has announced that it will be making layoffs within its testing departments. The exact number of employees to be affected is still uncertain, but early estimates suggest up to 100 testers could lose their jobs, including those with over a decade of experience.

**Industry-Wide Challenges Lead to Layoffs and Restructuring**

The gaming industry has faced significant challenges over the last year, leading many companies to make layoffs or restructure. Since the beginning of 2023, nearly 20,000 workers have been made redundant. Studios have closed and projects have been canceled as companies grapple with declining investments, longer development cycles, and shifting consumer habits.

**Contractors Speak Out: Undervalued and Underpaid at Nintendo**

Before the announcement from Nintendo, Kotaku reported that contractors, both former and current, felt underappreciated and undercompensated at the company. It has been confirmed that those affected by the layoffs will receive severance packages; however, the number of employees to be dismissed remains uncertain.

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