Hideo Kojima Revealed What Inspired His New Action-Espionage Game

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Hideo Kojima Unveils Inspiration Behind New IP, Physint: A Boundary-Pushing Project

Legendary game creator Hideo Kojima shared the latest episode of his YouTube series, HideoTube, after an almost seven-year hiatus. In this hour-long video, Kojima revealed the emotional inspiration behind his new project, Physint, an innovative action-espionage title that aims to blur the lines between films and games.

A Health Scare Sparks a New Direction

During the PlayStation State of Play event last month, Kojima announced Physint as his latest creation in partnership with Sony Pictures. However, in a heartfelt confession during HideoTube, Kojima shared that a health scare in 2020 pushed him to the brink of retiring from game development forever. He went as far as writing a will, fearing for his condition.

Emotional Inspiration: A New Game to Never Retire

It was at this point that Kojima decided to create an action-espionage game, hoping to never retire. He explained in the video that he had challenged himself with Death Stranding and was determined not to let his fans down.

Moving On: A New Chapter in Game Development

After parting ways with Konami in 2015, Kojima faced immense pressure to create another Metal Gear game. However, he no longer had access to the rights or licenses for that label. Instead, he chose to focus on creating his own action-espionage title, Physint.

Innovation and Interactive Entertainment: Physint’s Promise

According to Kojima Productions, Physint will offer “near life-like graphics and a new take on interactive entertainment.” With Death Stranding 2 and the recently announced game ‘OD’ still in development, it might be several years before we hear more about Physint. Stay tuned for more Insider Gaming coverage.

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