Dead by Daylight Delays New Event Until March

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Dead by Daylight: New Event Delayed from February to March

According to Behaviour Interactive’s tweet, the anticipated new Dead by Daylight event, which was expected to release by the end of February, has been delayed until March. The reason for the delay is unclear as the tweet only mentioned that “as a live game, changes in our release schedule are bound to happen.”

What Can We Expect from the New Event?

Despite the delay, the developers have shared promotional artwork and promised to share more information soon. Currently, there is no official title, description, or concrete release date for the new event.

Previous Successes of Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight made headlines last month with a highly requested Alan Wake crossover. The collaboration was well-received, featuring unique perks that received positive feedback from fans.

Alan Wake’s Signature Flashlight

One of the most praised perks was a signature flashlight for Champion of Light, which added an extra layer of excitement for fans.

Recent Developments in Dead by Daylight

In addition to the Alan Wake crossover, Dead by Daylight also released a Shattered Bloodlines DLC last month. The pack features comprehensive DLCs of all the original chapters and was an effective push to attract new players.

What’s Next for Dead by Daylight?

The updated Dead by Daylight roadmap also reminds players of the upcoming new killer and survivor for March’s big update. Fans are eagerly speculating about what today’s new promo could mean, with its bird and blood moon imagery featuring a lot of familiar horror iconography and reversed gravity, where blood rises from the skulls.

Possible Delays Due to Behaviour Interactive’s Layoffs

However, it is worth noting that Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive reportedly laid off 45 employees. This may have affected the development of the new event, but the game continues to expand with a healthy roadmap.

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