Destiny 2 Onslaught Activity Revealed For Into The Light

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Bungie Unveils New Activity “Onslaught” in Destiny 2’s Upcoming Major Update: Into the Light

During the latest Bungie livestream for Destiny 2’s upcoming major expansion, Into the Light, the developers introduced a new activity called “Onslaught.”

Defending the Last City Against waves of Enemies in Onslaught

Bungie showcased approximately 40 minutes of gameplay and explained the core mechanics for this upcoming activity. The objective is to defend the Advanced Defense Unit (ADU) from escalating waves of enemy forces.

Purchasing Scraps Between waves to Succeed

Between waves, players must purchase scraps using Glimmer or other resources to fortify their defenses and progress. This strategy will be crucial for players’ success as the waves become increasingly challenging.

First Dev Stream Focused on a Single New Activity

Some fans were slightly disappointed with the first developer stream’s focus solely on Onslaught and the lack of new mechanics introduced. However, there was an extensive gameplay showcase, and future streams are expected to reveal different features.

Upcoming Livestream on March 26th: Returning Favorite Weapons and a New Social Space

The next livestream, scheduled for March 26th at 10 AM Pacific Time, will cover returning Guardian favorite weapons and provide fans with a sneak peek of an all-new social space. Players can take their fireteam down to this location for added social interactions.

Longtime Game Director Leaves Bungie, Tyson Green Takes Over as D2 Game Director

In other news, longtime Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn announced his departure from the company. Tyson Green, previously known for his work on Halo, will take over as D2 Game Director. Fans may anticipate Green’s unique style in Destiny 2 moving forward.

The Final Shape: Delayed but Promising a Bigger and Bolder Vision

Despite expectations for The Final Shape’s release earlier, the developers assured fans that they are taking their time to deliver a more significant and ambitious vision. No new release date has been announced yet.

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