Sledgehammer Games is Going Back Remote as It Finds a New Office

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Sledgehammer Games Relocates to Smaller Office, Goes Remote Amidst Call of Duty Development Changes

During a recent town hall meeting, Sledgehammer Games announced that it will be closing its main office in California and relocating to a smaller space. The studio is expected to work remotely until a new office is found, with this arrangement likely lasting until the end of 2024.

Sledgehammer to Develop Call of Duty 2027

This move comes at an intriguing moment for Sledgehammer Games, as the studio was also revealed to be the main developer for Activision’s 2027 Call of Duty title during the town hall. In contrast, Infinity Ward will be responsible for the development of Call of Duty 2026, believed to be in the Modern Warfare universe. Currently, Saturn is the codename for Call of Duty 2025.

Work From Home Decision Sparks Frustration Among Employees

The announcement of the work from home arrangement has caused some internal unrest within the company. This is particularly true given that, in December 2023, Activision mandated that all QA workers on Call of Duty projects in Minneapolis, Austin, and El Segundo must return to the office five days a week. Insider sources described Activision’s recent decision regarding Sledgehammer Games as a “slap in the face.”

The impact of this return-to-office mandate affected an unspecified number of QA employees, who were forced to either relocate or leave the company as a result.

Company Spokesperson Addresses QA Employee Concerns

“The company’s decision to move the Sledgehammer team to a temporary remote working environment shows that they have the capability to grant remote work to QA employees with disabilities, long-distance commutes, or other factors,” a Sledgehammer Games spokesperson stated. “However, the company has chosen not to do so.”

Industry-Wide Return-to-Office Trend Continues as Microsoft Announces Layoffs at Sledgehammer

Over the past 12 months, return-to-office mandates have become a common trend in the industry. As 2024 begins, it seems that this trend will persist. In related news, following today’s announcement of Microsoft’s layoffs at Sledgehammer Games, Insider Gaming has learned that approximately 30% of the studio’s employees have been let go.

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