Alone in the Dark Review

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Title: Alone in the Dark: A Hollywood Game with Hidden Flaws

Impressive Start for Alone in the Dark

At first glance, Alone in the Dark appears impressive with its A-list cast featuring David Harbour and Jodie Comer, an intriguing mystery to unravel, and a name that resonates with many gamers. It’s essentially a modern reinterpretation of the classic game from 1992.

Disappointing Delivery

However, Alone in the Dark’s delivery leaves much to be desired. Despite a captivating start, there are significant issues with certain core mechanics and a mostly predictable story that can lead to confusion for the player.

Shining Moments

Despite the shortcomings, Alone in the Dark boasts a standout performance from David Harbour as the iconic character of Edward Carnby. The atmosphere and environments created by Pieces Interactive are also impressive, offering a visually appealing experience.

Exploring Decerto Manor

The game unfolds in the enigmatic Decerto Manor, where players must unravel a mystery in the 1920s as both Edward Carnby and Emily. The split perspective mechanic offers a unique experience, allowing players to uncover different aspects of the story from each character’s point of view.

Solving Puzzles and Facing Enemies

The game primarily consists of navigating Decerto Manor, solving a variety of puzzles, and facing unexpected enemies. Initially, the puzzles seem straightforward, but as the game progresses, things take an unexpected turn, making the experience more twisted and action-packed.

Presentation and Performance

Alone in the Dark boasts impressive visuals, running smoothly throughout. The game’s environments are intricately designed, adding to the overall atmosphere and immersion.

Combat: A Letdown

The one significant disappointment in Alone in the Dark is its combat mechanics. The game’s melee combat and boss battles are underdeveloped, making them a tedious experience for players.


In conclusion, Alone in the Dark offers an intriguing story, stunning visuals, and a few standout performances. However, its predictable narrative, confusing moments, and underdeveloped combat mechanics detract from an otherwise enjoyable experience. While it’s not a terrible game, it falls short of satisfying fans of the genre. I would rate Alone in the Dark at 6.8/10.

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