Life is Strange Developer Don’t Nod Announces Deputy GM Exit

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Don’t Nod’s Deputy GM Mora Exits Amid Leadership Shakeup and Ongoing Troubles

Developers Don’t Nod Announce Mora’s Departure Following Management Changes

Don’t Nod has announced that Deputy GM Benoît Gisbert Mora is leaving the company. The decision follows a management shakeup, with Oskar Guilbert, Chairman and CEO of Don’t Nod, expressing confidence in the remaining Management Committee to execute the company’s exciting projects for 2024 and beyond.

Mora Exits “In Order to Devote to New Professional Projects”

According to an official statement, Mora has chosen to depart Don’t Nod in order to focus on new professional projects. However, the nature of these future endeavors remains undisclosed.

Chairman and CEO Oskar Guilbert Addresses Mora’s Departure

“We understand and respect his choice,” said Guilbert in an official statement. “I have total confidence in my Management Committee to carry out the Group’s exciting projects in 2024 and beyond.”

Mora’s Departure Follows Allegations of a Toxic Work Environment

Reports from February suggest that Don’t Nod has faced various issues, including sudden and changing deadlines, sporadic employee movement, contradictory directions, and more. The French union STJV recently revealed these troubles in their own report.

Unconfirmed Replacement for Mora Named

As of now, Don’t Nod has not confirmed a replacement for the vacant Deputy GM position. However, they have mentioned that they are “studying the opportunity to strengthen [their] Management Committee.”

Toxic Work Environment Rumors Surface for Various Studios

Recent reports of toxic work environments have emerged in various gaming studios, including PlayStation studio Firesprite. Employees at Firesprite accused two senior leaders of sexual discrimination and ageism.

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