Deviation Games Closes Before It Can Ship a Single Game

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Deviation Games Closure: The Unfinished Project Leaves Gamers Disappointed

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It has recently been revealed that Deviation Games, a PlayStation-backed studio founded in 2020 by Call of Duty veterans, was closed down before releasing any game. This disheartening news emerged from the former employees of the studio who claimed that it was developing an AAA shooter “in partnership” with PlayStation.

Deviation Games’ Closure: A Challenging Time for the Gaming Industry

The past eighteen months have been tough for the gaming industry, with over 10,000 industry workers losing their jobs and dozens of studios facing deep financial struggles or being shut down entirely. The restructuring of the entire games sector has affected many professionals.

Deviation Games: A Project Left Unfinished

“Deviation Games was founded in 2020 by Jason Blundell and Dave Anthony, both industry veterans who’d cut their teeth in the Call of Duty space. However, Blundell dropped the company he’d started just two years later, and shortly after, the company suffered layoffs. There were plenty of ambitions at the firm following the declaration of the partnership with Sony PlayStation, but sadly, nothing that the studio has been working on will ever be revealed.”

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