Yuzu Addresses Shutdown: ‘Piracy Was Never Our Intention’

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Nintendo Sues Tropic Haze for $2.4 Million Over Pirated Games

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Yesterday, it was reported that Nintendo of America Inc. had mutually agreed with Tropic Haze LLC to settle a lawsuit involving the latter company paying $2.4 million in damages. The dispute arose from claims that Tropic Haze facilitated piracy of Nintendo’s “Tears of the Kingdom” title in 2023 via its Yuzu emulation platform.

Tropic Haze Faces Shutdown

Following the allegations, Tropic Haze has reached out to its fanbase via social media to share a statement expressing sadness at the shutdown of the company.

Tropic Haze Denies Alleged Piracy

Despite allegedly allowing over one million downloads of “Tears of the Kingdom” before its official release in May 2023, Tropic Haze emphasized in a recent statement that it is against piracy. The company also noted that one of the primary issues lies in its Patreon subscription service for the Yuzu platform, which means Tropic Haze was receiving payment for offering these emulated Nintendo games.

Yuzu Platform Shuts Down

As a result of the legal action, Yuzu’s social media accounts have been cleared in anticipation of its global shutdown. This marks an end to the emulation platform that has existed for over six years.

Nintendo’s History with Emulation Platforms

This is not the first legal battle Nintendo has had with emulation platforms; it likely won’t be the last.

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