Ubisoft Is Finally Taking The Crew Offline

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The Crew: A Racing Game with an Ambitious Premise (2014)

In 2014, Ubisoft launched The Crew, an intriguing racing game that boasted a vast map designed to replicate the entire United States. Although not perfect, it certainly made waves within the gaming community. Yet, despite its initial potential, The Crew did not quite revolutionize the racing genre.

The End of an Era: Ubisoft Announces Server Shutdown (2024)

Recently, Ubisoft announced that the servers for The Crew will be deactivated on March 31, 2024. This decision means that players who wish to engage with the game after the shutdown will no longer be able to do so as it is an contact-only title.

A Brief History of The Crew: An Uphill Battle

The Crew’s ambitious premise, while impressive, ultimately failed to rival its more polished competitors in the racing niche. The game received middling reviews upon release and, as newer titles from the series have emerged, its player base has dwindled significantly.

According to a statement published on Ubisoft’s site, the reasons for discontinuing The Crew extend beyond just declining player numbers:

The Development Journey: From Concept to Reality (2007-2014)

The idea for The Crew can be traced back to 2007 when three friends initially brainstormed the concept. Over the next seven years, it underwent an extensive development cycle before finally being unveiled to the public in 2014.

Did You Experience The Crew’s Adventure?

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