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New Leak Reveals The Last of Us Multiplayer’s Canceled Main Menu

Following the recent announcement that The Last of Us Multiplayer has been canceled, an image of what the game’s main menu could have looked like has surfaced contact.

A member on ResetEra, going by the username “DMCMaster,” uploaded the image to the forum, showing a glimpse of the game’s anticipated features.

A Peek into The Last of Us Multiplayer

The leaked image reveals that the game was set to include a ‘bunk,’ presumably acting as your armory and cosmetic section, along with a Battle Pass – elements typical of live-service games.

Naughty Dog’s Decision: Single-Player Narrative or Live Service

In a statement issued yesterday, Naughty Dog shared that:

“We realize many of you have been anticipating news around the project that we’ve been calling The Last of Us Online. There’s no easy way to say this: We’ve made the incredibly difficult decision to stop development on that game.”

“In ramping up to full production, the massive scope of our ambition became clear,” they continued.

“So, we had two paths in front of us: become a solely live service games studio or continue to focus on single-player narrative games that have defined Naughty Dog’s heritage.”

What Are Your Thoughts on The Last of Us Multiplayer’s Cancellation?

What do you think about Naughty Dog’s decision to cancel The Last of Us Multiplayer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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