IWGB And Union Members Criticize Rockstar For Return to Office

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IWGB Union Disagreement with Rockstar’s Request for Office Return

The Independent Workers’ union of Great Britain (IWGB) has recently issued a statement regarding Rockstar’s decision to ask workers to return to the office.

Rockstar’s U-turn on Flexible Work Options

According to the IWGB, Rockstar had previously stated that flexible work options would stay available, but this has changed as the company is now citing security concerns and reduced productivity.

Return to Office Set to Begin in April

The IWGB statement also reveals anonymous testimonies from Rockstar employees, who express frustration over a lack of consultation and potential difficulties for those with disabilities, care responsibilities, or health issues.

IWGB Contends Rockstar Ignores Basic Working Conditions

Austin Kelmore, the IWGB Game Workers Chair, claims that Rockstar has ignored workers’ requests for basic working conditions.

Security Concerns and Previous Leaks

Rockstar may be facing heightened security concerns following previous leaks, including 90 videos of an early build. The GTA 6 leaks, which were ultimately carried out by Arion Kurtaj in December 2023, marked a significant milestone for game industry leaks.

Rockstar’s Silence on IWGB Claims

At this time, Rockstar has not issued an official response to the IWGB’s new claims or testimonies.

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