Tekken 8 Demo Announced, New Modes Explained

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Tekken 8 Demo Release Dates and Features

The much-anticipated demo for Tekken 8 is set to drop on different platforms at various dates. According to recent reports, the PlayStation demo will be available as early as December 14th, while Xbox and Steam users will have to wait until December 21st.

First Look at “The Dark Awakens” and Local Versus Mode

This demo will introduce the first chapter of the game’s story, titled “The Dark Awakens,” and the local versus mode. Following the successful Closed Beta that took place last October, this demo serves as an exciting prequel to the full game experience.

Buzzworthy Characters and New Game Modes

Tekken 8 has already generated considerable hype with its character trailers, showcasing an intriguing mix of newcomers and returning favorites. However, recent reveals have shed more light on the game’s fresh Arcade Quest mode and the return of Tekken Ball mode.

Improve Your Skills with Arcade Quest

Arcade Quest is a unique feature designed to help players hone their skills while leading an avatar of themselves through various arcades. This mode offers its own story and functions as a clever sim experience, providing a nostalgic and practical learning tool for competitive gameplay similar to Super Ghost Battles.

Tekken Ball Makes a Triumphant Return

Tekken fans can look forward to the return of Tekken Ball, a classic minigame from Tekken 3. The gameplay remains mostly unchanged, making this a delightful throwback to old school gaming culture and a fun addition to the Tekken 8 roster.

Try Out the Demo Before Launch

While PlayStation users can enjoy the Tekken 8 demo as early as December 14th, Xbox and Steam fans will have to wait until December 21st. Despite the wait, the opportunity to test out the game before its January 26th, 2024, release date is not one to be missed.

Stay informed about the latest Tekken news and updates by reading about the newly revealed features, such as Arcade Quest and character trailers.

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