Every GTA 6 Trailer So Far (Including Parodies)

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Exciting GTA 6 Trailers: A Fun and Creative Collection

The anticipation for Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) remains high as Rockstar Games is set to release it sometime in 2025. Since the game’s first official trailer, fans have been scouring every detail and some even went as far as creating their versions of the trailer.

Top GTA 6 Parodies: Funny, Ambitious and Scene-for-Scene

Let’s explore some of the most entertaining GTA 6 trailer parodies that have been shared contact:

EvilGame’s Minecraft Parody on YouTube: A Chaotic Twist

Creator ‘EvilGame’ put in hours of work to craft a Minecraft parody of the GTA 6 trailer. For an engaging take on the original, head over to his Instagram account to view the finished product.

Mors Mutual Insurance’s GTA Online Version: Nearly Scene-for-Scene

In one of the most faithful renditions, ‘Mors Mutual Insurance’ created a GTA 6 trailer using GTA Online. Their scene-for-scene parody is impressively accurate and available to watch on YouTube.

Final Flame Productions’ GTA 5 Parody: A Detailed Recreation

Among the most accurate parodies, ‘Final Flame Productions’ rebuilt the GTA 6 trailer in GTA 5. Their meticulous work results in an almost spot-on rendition that is a must-watch.

Jushton’s PS1 Version: A Hilarious Twist on the Original

Last but not least, ‘Jushton’ shared a hilarious twist on the GTA 6 trailer. In just twenty-three seconds, they managed to recreate the trailer as if it had been made for the PlayStation 1. A must-watch for fans!

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Exploring the Best Fan-Made GTA 6 Trailers

Since Rockstar Games dropped the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, fans have been scouring every frame for hints and cameos. In the meantime, some creative minds took it upon themselves to create their own versions of the GTA 6 trailer.

Minecraft Parody by EvilGame

YouTube creator ‘EvilGame’ put in hours of work to craft a Minecraft parody of the GTA 6 trailer. The result is a chaotic yet entertaining version of the original.

Check it out on Instagram!

GTA Online Recreation by Mors Mutual Insurance

Mors Mutual Insurance created a rendition of the GTA 6 trailer that’s almost scene-for-scene perfect, set in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online.

GTA 5 Parody by Final Flame Productions

One of the most faithful recreations of the GTA 6 trailer is by Final Flame Productions, who built the trailer within Grand Theft Auto 5.

PS1 Version by Jushton

In a hilarious twist, ‘Jushton’ uploaded the GTA 6 trailer as if it had been created for the PlayStation 1. The short clip lasts just twenty-three seconds, but it’s a must-watch.

Official GTA 6 Trailer

Finally, here’s the official Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer that started it all.

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