Bend Studio and Naughty Dog Worked On An Unannounced Project

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Exciting Collaboration: Bend Studio and Naughty Dog’s Secret Project

Recent job history disclosures have shed light on an intriguing collaboration between Bend Studio and Naughty Dog. Senior Gameplay Animator, Adam Lawson, previously worked on an undisclosed project for both studios before joining Archetype Entertainment.

What Could This Collaborative Project Be?

With the announcement, fans have speculated about potential game titles. Some hope for a new Days Gone or Syphon Filter instalment, but these possibilities seem increasingly unlikely as time passes.

Days Gone 2 and Syphon Filter: Wishful Thinking

It’s common knowledge that Days Gone 2 was scrapped internally and Syphon Filter has been absent for over 15 years. Thus, these expectations might be considered pipe dreams.

A Likely Scenario: Last of Us Online or a New Uncharted Game

The most probable theory revolves around Bend Studio and Naughty Dog joining forces to create either The Last of Us Online (or Faction 2) or a new Uncharted game. Previous rumours hint at this possibility.

Bend Studio’s New IP: An Open-World Project

Last year, Bend Studio was reportedly engrossed in creating a new IP. However, the little information available indicates that it ‘builds upon Days Gone’s open-world systems’. With this limited context, fans eagerly await further updates.

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