Elder Scrolls Almost Had Its Own ‘New Vegas’

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**Former Obsidian Executive Reveals Plans for Elder Scrolls: New Vegas**

In a surprising revelation on Twitter, Chris Avellone, the former Chief Creative Officer of Obsidian Entertainment, shared that he had pitched concepts for The Elder Scrolls series that could have led to a game similar to Fallout: New Vegas. Avellone left Obsidian in 2015 and expressed his ideas on working with Bethesda Game Studios to create spin-off Elder Scrolls titles.

**Avellone’s Vision: A Call of Duty-style Approach for Elder Scrolls**

During an interview in [Publication], Avellone shared his vision of developing Elder Scrolls titles like Treyarch and Activision’s Call of Duty games. His plan involved Bethesda Game Studios releasing a ‘core game’ followed by a spin-off title set in the same world or a different timeline/era.

**Filling the Gap: A Welcome Addition for Elder Scrolls Fans**

A spin-off title or a smaller project could provide a welcome addition for Elder Scrolls fans, filling the enormous gap between main installments in the series.

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