Ara: History Untold Gets Release Window At Xbox Developer Direct

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A New Look and Release Date for Ara: History Untold Revealed at Xbox Developer Direct

During the Xbox Developer Direct show on Thursday, Oxide Games and Microsoft unveiled an updated look for their turn-based strategy game, Ara: History Untold. In addition to the sneak peek, it was announced that the game will be available to players in Fall 2024.

Exploring Ara: History Untold’s Procedurally Generated World and Features

The deep dive into the game provided a glimpse into its stunning visuals and features, while delving into the reasoning behind various in-game decisions.

A Living, Procedurally Generated Map

One of the highlights was the game’s procedurally generated map, which was showcased as a vibrant and dynamic world for players to manage and explore.

Managing Your Nation with the Prestige System

Another noteworthy feature is Ara: History Untold’s prestige system, allowing players to tailor their gameplay experience by deciding and managing how they wish to progress.

Crafting and Building for Your Nation

Oxide Games also demonstrated the game’s crafting system, which enables players to create essential tools, improvements, and structures for their burgeoning nation.

Build a Nation and Rule Through History

“Build a nation and lead your people throughout history to the pinnacles of human achievement as you explore new lands, develop arts and culture, conduct diplomacy, and go head-to-head with your rivals to prove you are the greatest ruler ever known,” reads the game’s intriguing description.

Ara: History Untold – Exclusive to PC in Fall 2024

Are you eager to embark on an alternate historical journey and build a powerful, thriving nation in Ara: History Untold? For more gaming news and insights, explore our coverage of the top games play-in-2023/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>coming in 2023.

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