Metal: Hellsinger VR Announced by Funcom

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Metal: Hellsinger VR Announced: Immerse Yourself in the Hellish Rhythm Shooter

Funcom has unveiled a captivating one-minute trailer, heralding the upcoming release of Metal: Hellsinger VR. Set to launch on Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro, PSVR2, and Stream VR towards the end of this year, Metal: Hellsinger VR follows the successful debut of its non-VR counterpart in 2022.

A Visceral Hack-and-Slash Title with a Metal Soundtrack to Die For

At first glance, Metal: Hellsinger may seem unconventional. However, beneath the surface lies an exceptional rhythm shooter that boasts critical acclaim and award-winning music. As a hellish slasher-shooter, players are rewarded for annihilating demons in perfect harmony with some of the most iconic metal tracks from music history.

Metal: Hellsinger VR: A New Perspective on Intense Combat

The VR gaming scene is steadily gaining momentum, with notable titles such as Horizon: Call of the Mountain from last year and 4A Games’ upcoming post-apocalyptic series in 2024. Metal: Hellsinger VR is poised to deliver a pulse-pounding, unrestrained combat experience unlike any other, all from an incredibly immersive perspective.

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