Sega Hit With Wave of Layoffs That Impacts Several Studios

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Sega Announces Mass Layoffs Affecting Up to 240 Employees

In a shocking development, Sega has announced plans for significant job cuts that will impact as many as 240 employees across various studios. The most affected departments include Sega Europe, Creative Assembly, and Hardlight.

Sega Europe Emails Employees Regarding Layoffs

An email sent to Sega employees by Jurgen Post, a member of the Sega Europe leadership team, confirmed the news. Post wrote:

‘It’s with a heavy heart that I must share some difficult news with you all today. Sega has made the decision to undergo significant restructuring, which unfortunately will result in a number of job losses. We are moving into a very unsettled phase, and I ask that we all look after each other through this difficult time.’

Industry-Wide Layoffs: Almost 20,000 Workers Impacted Since 2023

These layoffs mark another instance of mass job losses within the gaming industry. Over 19,000 workers have been let go since the beginning of 2023 due to various reasons, primarily attributed to a need to streamline operations.

Sega’s Commitment to Supporting Affected Employees

Sega has vowed to support employees affected by these layoffs, offering severance packages, career support options, and guidance services.

Relic Entertainment Secures External Investor, Becomes Independent Studio

In related news, Relic Entertainment, known for its popular Company of Heroes series, has secured an external investor and will become an independent studio, parting ways with Sega’s umbrella.

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