Fallout 76 America’s Playground Update Available Now

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Fallout 76’s “America’s Playground” Update: A Fresh Questline and Atlantic City Expansion

Fallout 76 gamers, get ready for an exciting new update! America’s Playground is now available across all platforms and brings a captivating questline, more explorable locations in Atlantic City, and major improvements to the game’s season system.

New Questlines in Atlantic City and Appalachia

This update introduces a fresh questline for players set in the heart of Atlantic City. Utilizing the popular ‘Expedition’ model, players can explore the map further and discover a variety of merchants and side quests. Additionally, a new crossover questline is available in Appalachia’s core map.

Exploring Atlantic City: A Deeper Look

Players will be given the opportunity to delve deeper into Atlantic City, and with it, they’ll find new side quests that help give this new location a more substantial feel.

Revamped Season System: A New Approach to Scoreboard Rewards

The highlight of this update is the significant overhaul made to the game’s ‘Scoreboard’ system. Formerly, players could progress through a free-to-access Scoreboard filled with enticing rewards like Atoms, cosmetics, boosts, and crafting items. Bethesda Game Studios has replaced this with a season pass-like system, where players earn tokens by completing challenges which can be spent on various items within the season pass.

Accessing the Premium Side of the Season Pass

Although this season pass is free, those without a Fallout 1st subscription can pay to access its premium offerings.

Update Sizes for America’s Playground

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