Cassette Beasts is Getting Mobile Release, Multiplayer Coming May 20th

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**Headline:** Cassette Beasts: Multiplayer, Mobile Release, and Crossover Announced – Here’s What You Need to Know

**Subheadline:** Raw Fury’s Showcase Reveals Exciting Updates for the Popular Creature Collector Game

Today at a showcase, indie publisher Raw Fury announced that their hit creature collector game, Cassette Beasts, is coming to Android and iOS devices. Additionally, multiplayer will be rolled out on May 20th.

**Section 1: Multiplayer and Crossplay**

Though an exact mobile release date wasn’t confirmed during the showcase, it was emphasized that it is “coming soon.” The anticipated multiplayer feature, which allows up to 8 players to explore, trade, raid, and performance together, was previously announced. This update will also introduce crossplay, a highly requested feature for the Cassette Beasts community.

**Section 2: Multiplayer Beta and Save Files**

As an added bonus, Raw Fury revealed that a multiplayer beta is available on Steam today. To join the beta, players must back up their save files, uninstall mods, and then select the “Betas” tab under Cassette Beasts’ Steam properties. It’s currently undecided if this beta will be rolled out on other platforms before the official release.

**Section 3: Cassette Beasts and Moonstone Island Crossover**

Raw Fury also announced a crossover event between Cassette Beasts and Moonstone Island, another successful creature collector game that Raw Fury published last year. The collaboration will be released on May 20th, coinciding with the major multiplayer update.

**Section 4: Vinyl and Cassette Soundtrack Merchandise**

During the showcase, Raw Fury confirmed that the iconic vinyl and cassette soundtrack merchandise is getting a second run. Given the large role music plays in Cassette Beasts, fans who missed out on the original merchandise will have another opportunity to indulge.

**Section 5: Upcoming PlayStation Event and Palworld’s Success**

In related gaming news, PlayStation is finally announcing a release date for their upcoming event later this week. With the success of Palworld, which recently surpassed , there’s definitely renewed interest in the creature collector genre. Stay tuned for more Insider Gaming news on these exciting developments.

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