Apex Legends Hacker Did It ‘Just For Fun’

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Apex Legends Global Series Tournament Hacked: ‘Destroyer2009’ Confesses to Live Stream Exploit

Last week, an unexpected incident disrupted the Apex Legends Global Series tournament when several competitors were hacked live on stream. The exploit granted unauthorized access to the opponents’ locations, causing chaos in the game and forcing an immediate end to the event. An investigation was launched, and the perpetrator was swiftly identified.

The Hacker’s Motive: ‘Just for Fun’

In an interview with Tech Crunch, the hacker, known as ‘Destroyer2009′, disclosed his reason for interfering with the tournament. He admitted that he had merely intended to amuse himself, stressing that no direct interaction with the players’ devices had occurred.

Fallout and Controversy: Players’ Fear of Cheaters

Following the hacking incident, thousands of Apex Legends players hesitated to engage with the game due to fear of encountering cheaters. Destroyer2009’s actions highlighted a growing concern within the gaming community, as some malicious operators exploit vulnerabilities to disrupt and manipulate games.

A New Low: Hackers Manipulating Games with Ease

Despite his justification, Destroyer2009’s behaviour raises questions about the power that hackers hold over developers and their games. The fact that he could manipulate an active tournament with such ease serves as a reminder of the potential harm caused by these malicious actors.

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