Starfield Wins ‘Innovation’ Award and Gamers Don’t Like It

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Starfield Wins Most Innovative Gameplay Award at Steam Awards 2023, But Player Feedback Remains Mixed

Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios’ space-faring RPG epic released in September 2023, recently received the accolade for Most Innovative Gameplay at the Steam Awards. The game gained immense popularity and attracted over ten million players within a week of its release.

Initial Impressions vs. Long-Term Engagement

However, not long after the initial hype subsided, cracks began to show and criticisms emerged. Many players reported being underwhelmed by the game, expressing disappointment beyond the end of the story, and feeling no motivation to replay it using Bethesda’s New Game+ feature.

Community Reaction to the Award

Following the announcement of Starfield’s award win, several players took to express their dissatisfaction and disbelief:

“I finished Starfield and haven’t looked back. It was a disappointment and didn’t leave an impression worth returning to.”

A Wave of Negativity Amidst Some Positivity

Although a few positive comments were included in the feedback, they could not outweigh the overall negative sentiment. Some players pointed to the game’s recent drop to ‘Mostly Negative’ reviews on Steam as a reflection of this discontent.

Bethesda’s Response and Future Plans

Bethesda has pledged to address the issues reported by players, promising updates every six weeks. However, with a community that appears to be growing increasingly disillusioned, it remains unclear whether these efforts will be enough to salvage Starfield’s reputation.

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