Phasmophobia Roadmap Revealed For ‘2024 And Beyond’

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Phasmophobia’s Roadmap for 2024 and Beyond: Major Updates Ahead

Indie horror game Phasmophobia, developed by Kinetic Games, has unveiled an updated Steam roadmap detailing the upcoming features and improvements scheduled for “2024 and beyond.”

Key Details on Phasmophobia’s Future

The roadmap includes essential information about the major updates leading to the game’s full release. The developers intentionally left out specific dates for each update, with a warning that details and images might change significantly.

Delayed Release and New Content

Originally planned for release last year, the developers have been tight-lipped about the game’s progress. They acknowledge the long wait in today’s blog but offer no new information on a release window.

Console Release with Exclusive Features

Although no new release date was announced, console players can look forward to the game’s console debut with “extra changes for console players on day one.”

“2024 and Beyond”: Full Release Possibly in 2025?

The phrase “2024 and beyond” indicates a cautious approach, implying that the game’s full release could extend into 2025.

First Update: Point Hope Lighthouse

The first update from the roadmap will roll out next week, featuring Phasmophobia’s first new location in a long time: the Point Hope lighthouse.

Circular Rooms and Unique Gameplay Experience

The developers describe Point Hope as offering “a widely different gameplay experience, similar to the Campsites.” Its circular rooms occupying an entire floor create a fresh angle for tension and strategy.

Major Overhauls, New Models, and More

The roadmap teases significant changes such as major overhauls, entirely new models, and more for 2024. However, the developers plan to introduce “more equipment, ghosts, and locations after 1.0 finally arrives.”

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