Monster Hunter: World Is Soaring Up The Steam Charts

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Title: Monster Hunter World Surges Back into Top 10 Most-Played Games on Steam After Six Years

Header 1: Monster Hunter World’s Unexpected Resurgence on Steam

In the last few days, Capcom’s Monster Hunter World (MHW), initially released in 2018, has made a monumental comeback and reclaimed its place among the top ten most-played games on Steam. This recent surge in popularity has put MHW ahead of heavyweights like Call of Duty, The Finals, and Lethal Company, with over 100,000 peak concurrent players.

Header 2: Previous Peak Performance in October 2020

Before this sudden surge, Monster Hunter World hadn’t reached such numbers since October 2020.

Header 3: The Role of Discounts and Excitement in Monster Hunter World’s Popularity Boost

The recent surge can be attributed to the heavily discounted price of MHW during the Steam Winter Sale, which saw almost 70% slashed off the original cost. Additionally, the reveal of Monster Hunter: Wilds at The Game Awards 2023 has generated excitement for the franchise, driving both new and returning players to explore Astera in Monster Hunter: World.

Header 4: Metascore and Favorable Reviews Boost MHW’s Popularity

With a Metascore ranking of up to 90 and generally favorable reviews, it is no surprise that Monster Hunter: World has experienced a resurgence in popularity.

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