New Tarkov Feature Makes It Easy To Identify Cheaters

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Escape from Tarkov’s Latest Update: A Game-Changer with Visible Player Profiles and Cheater Detection

Last week, Escape from Tarkov underwent a significant update accompanied by a ‘wipe’ that reset the game globally. The update brought about numerous changes, including tweaks to recoil, weather, loot dynamics, customization, and the introduction of Escape from Tarkov Arena – a session-based multiplayer game.

A New Era: Viewable Player Profiles

One of the most notable advancements in Escape from Tarkov is the addition of viewable player profiles. These profiles showcase a string of achievements and allow users to see any player’s loadout and stats in real-time.

Identifying Cheaters with Ease

Players can now access detailed profiles of other players by simply clicking a button – an ability that was previously unavailable. With this new feature, it’s easier than ever to assess someone’s performance in the game.

A high kill-to-death ratio and an extremely high raid success rate, compared to the number of raids completed, are strong indicators of cheating. For instance, if a player has only participated in 30 raids but has an 80 KD ratio and a 90% raid success rate, it’s safe to assume that they might be using hacks.

Reporting Cheaters and Ensuring a Fair Playing Field

Battlestate Games has always taken a strict stance against cheating in Escape from Tarkov, but the issue still persists. High-profile cases of hacking can discourage potential players and hinder Tarkov’s wider success among the gaming community.

With the new player profile feature, reporting suspected cheaters is a straightforward process: once you’ve identified a potential hacker, simply notify Battlestate Games of the issue.

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