Ubisoft Plans to Launch XDefiant Before March 31st

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Ubisoft’s Q4 to See the Release of XDefiant’s ‘Season 0’: What We Know So Far

During Ubisoft’s recent earnings call, the gaming giant shared some exciting news about XDefiant. The highly anticipated shooter is set to launch its first update, ‘Season 0,’ in Ubisoft’s Q4 which runs from January to March 2024.

Long-Awaited Update: Postponements and Development Challenges

The development team for XDefiant has been relatively open about the project’s progress, but there have been setbacks. After initially targeting a summer 2023 release window, delays followed due to various issues including Xbox and PlayStation rejections, netcode problems, and development instability.

Addressing the Challenges: Stability and Progress

Despite these challenges, Ubisoft remains optimistic about XDefiant’s future. ‘Season 0’ will mark the game’s first major release, signaling progress towards a stable and polished product for players to enjoy.

XDefiant: The Exciting Newcomer in the Shooter Scene

XDefiant generated a significant buzz last year with its popular beta phases, attracting hundreds of thousands of players. As a unique free-to-play shooter, it promises to bring something new to the scene and challenge established titles like The Finals.

Looking Forward: What’s Next for XDefiant

We’ll keep you updated on the official release date for ‘Season 0’ as more information becomes available. In the meantime, stay tuned for more coverage of XDefiant and the gaming industry at large right here on Insider Gaming.

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