Ghosts of Tabor: Devs Are ‘Flattered’ by Tarkov Comparisons

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Ghosts of Tabor Joins Meta Quest Store: A Hardcore VR Extraction Shooter Inspired by Escape from Tarkov

On February 8, Ghosts of Tabor officially debuted on the Meta Quest Store, marking the first time a hardcore extraction shooter experience became available on VR devices for this platform. With its release, Ghosts of Tabor brings an authentic PvPvE gaming experience reminiscent of Escape from Tarkov. The developers at Combat Waffle Studios are fine with the comparison.

Escape from Tarkov Sets the Stage for a Popular Extraction Shooter Genre

Tarkov is widely known as the pioneer of extraction shooter games and has significantly contributed to their growing popularity over the past few years. Ghosts of Tabor offers a unique twist in a VR environment, maintaining the essence of realism that has come to define this genre.

Steam released Ghosts of Tabor nearly a year ago, and since then, it has garnered thousands of positive reviews from players. The game offers an immersive VR experience that includes looting, combat, healing, and navigation mechanics.

Ghosts of Tabor: A VR-Enabled Escape from Tarkov

At its core, Ghosts of Tabor is similar to Escape from Tarkov – it’s just a VR-enabled game. Players are faced with survival elements, like managing hunger and thirst, battling ai enemies in the wild, and tending to a hideout filled with weapon upgrade paths and traders. It’s often been referred to as ‘Tarkov VR’, and there is truth to that comparison.

A Native and Optimized VR Experience

Now available on Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro, Ghosts of Tabor has been optimized for these devices. While it shares some similarities with Escape from Tarkov, its unique elements set it apart as an independent title that stands on its own merit.

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