Exodus Reveals New Companion With Mech Armor, Elise Charroux

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Archetype Entertainment Introduces Elise: A New Companion with a Customized Mech Suit in Exodus

At The Game Awards 2023, Archetype Entertainment unveiled Elise as the latest companion coming to their highly anticipated sci-fi RPG, Exodus. In a recent blog post, Elise was described as a sarcastic, well-trained soldier.

Elise: The Sassy Soldier with a Mech Suit

Elise stands out among the companions with her dual mini-guns and shoulder-mounted grenade launchers, making her a formidable tank role that soaks up damage. The ultimate ability for Elise is a micro-missile barrage, presumably for crowd control.

The Backstory of Elise: A Sleeper Awakens

According to the lore expanded in the post, Elise is one of many “Sleepers” who have awakened from a long cryosleep. The developers at Archetype Entertainment revealed this information during The Game Awards 2023.

Exodus: A Character-Driven Sci-Fi RPG with Mechs

Exodus is a AAA game featuring actor Matthew McConaughey and will heavily involve time dilation. The reveal of Elise’s character, along with her mech suit, adds to the excitement about the potential character-driven nature of the game and the ongoing popularity of mechs in sci-fi games.

Mechs in Sci-Fi Games: A Fan Favorite

Classic games like Halo eventually introduced the Mantis, and Titanfall is still an iconic series that many fans hope will return. The success of Armored Core 6 last year further demonstrates the enduring appeal of mechs in sci-fi games.

Elise: A Far Cry from Previously Established Characters

Elise’s character distinguishes her from previously established companions, such as Tom Vargas. Although they both have tragic backstories, Elise is athletic and packed with firepower. Her background as a former gang member also opens the door for a potential redemption arc.

Future Companion Announcements for Exodus

With this latest companion announcement, fans now have a better understanding of when to expect the next revelation about Exodus’ companions.

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