5 Games That Deserve A Film Or TV Show

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Top Games That Deserve a Movie or TV Show Adaptation

The gaming industry’s most iconic franchises, such as Mario and The Last of Us, have expanded beyond video games to include film and television. With more franchises like God of War, Horizon, and Dead Cells heading to the big and small screens, it’s time to discuss other games worthy of such adaptations.

Honorable Mentions

Although not included in the list, it’s essential to acknowledge numerous other games deserving film or TV adaptations. Some honorable mentions include Metal Gear, Sifu, A Plague Tale, Yakuza, and Disco Elysium.

1. The Evil Within

When discussing horror video games, Resident Evil is often at the forefront of people’s minds. However, other franchises like The Evil Within by Tango Gameworks provide equally captivating experiences.

The Gritty Tale of The Evil Within

Detective Sebastian Castellanos investigates a horrifying event at a hospital in the game, only to find himself dealing with an unnatural viral outbreak consuming the entire world. The Evil Within is a dark and suspenseful tale that could be even more terrifying as a movie or TV show.

2. Bloodborne

FromSoftware’s horror game, Bloodborne, has an unparalleled eerie atmosphere, which could make for a challenging yet intriguing adaptation. Although turning it into a TV show may not be easy, the result would be legendary.

3. Hades

The art style of Hades makes the game seem more like an animated TV show than a video game. The Greek gods and Zagreus himself are fascinating characters that people would gladly listen to all day instead of fighting.

The Untapped Potential in Hades

With its captivating characters and immersive world, Hades is a no-brainer when discussing video games that deserve adaptations.

4. The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls franchise, with its legendary status and world-building, is a natural fit for film or television. Rumors of Netflix working on a TV show based on the games have fans excited.

The World of The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls offers endless potential with its unique characters, magic, medieval weapons, dragons, and vast world. A movie or TV show adaptation would bring this universe to life like never before.

5. Alan Wake

With its mixed reality approach, Alan Wake 2 felt like a movie and a game combined. A film or TV show adaptation would be the perfect platform to explore this unique story further.

Alan Wake’s Unquestioned Fan Following

The thriller genre would significantly benefit from an Alan Wake movie or TV series, and fans of the franchise couldn’t be more excited for this possibility.

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