Tarkov’s 14.1 Patch Will Remove Snow, Starting Tomorrow

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Title: Bid Farewell to Snowy Escape from Tarkov: A New Update Brings Green Fields and Forests

Prepare for a significant change in the fictional Norvinsk region of Escape from Tarkov with the upcoming patch This anticipated update is expected to be the largest since the game’s wipe around Christmas time, marking the end of snow-covered landscapes and welcoming back lush green fields and forests.

Division of Opinions:
The introduction of snow in Escape from Tarkov sparked polarizing opinions amongst players. For some, the snow was an unwelcome addition due to its muffling effect on sounds, making hardcore players’ footsteps crunchy and difficult to hear. Conversely, others, including myself, considered it a beautiful enhancement to the game’s aesthetic, offering an appealing change in scenery and fitting well with the game’s bleak theme.

End of an Era:
Say your goodbyes to the snowy landscapes as they are set to disappear with the deployment of patch, starting tomorrow at approximately 07:00 AM GMT / 02:00 AM EST. The update is predicted to last around four hours, but specifics regarding the patch’s contents remain limited.

Stay Tuned:
Look forward to the full patch notes being released tomorrow for more insights into the changes coming to Escape from Tarkov. For further Insider Gaming news, keep checking our coverage.

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