Naughty Dog, Activision Veterans Form AAA Studio Emptyvessel

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Introducing Emptyvessel: A New AAA Studio for Immersive Shooter Games

Emptyvessel Announces Partnership with Industry Veterans

Emptyvessel, a new AAA studio founded by industry veterans from studios such as id Software, Naughty Dog, and Activision, has announced its plans to revolutionize the immersive shooter space. The announcement was made by industry veterans Emanuel Palalic as CEO and Game Director, Garrett Young as COO and General Manager, Wei Ning, Alex Palma, and Rico Flores as the other confirmed staff members.

A Specialty in Immersive Shooter Space

Emptyvessel has emphasized its focus on the immersive shooter space, aiming to break from traditional business models. Although details about their debut game remain scarce, the studio shared a teaser of “THE SYSTEM” on their Twitter account.

First Unannounced Title: THE SYSTEM

The first unannounced title, “THE SYSTEM,” is a shooter built using the Unreal Engine 5. According to Emptyvessel’s press release, their debut game will be inspired by film, graphic novels, and games set in dystopian sci-fi worlds.

Comparable Titles

“THE SYSTEM” may resemble the listed comparable titles in one way or another, while incorporating Emptyvessel’s innovative approaches. Although not yet clear on its direction, the press release does mention a few games developed by previous Emptyvessel team members.

Impressive Debut

Emptyvessel’s ambitious debut is expected to take some time, given its status as an AAA studio. Notably, the announcement includes that DOOM composer Mick Gordon will partner with the team and create soundscapes for their first project.

Upcoming Extraction Shooter

In the meantime, fans of the shooter genre can look forward to an extraction shooter game launching this year.

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