Starfield’s Final Quest Was Almost ‘Missing’ From the Game

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Starfield’s Rushed Development: Former Bethesda Employee Reveals Lackluster Final Quest

Launched in September 2023, Starfield garnered widespread acclaim and drew in an impressive 10 million players. However, the game experienced a significant decline in player engagement shortly thereafter. Many players abandoned Starfield in favor of other titles as they waited for the upcoming expansion, Shattered Space. Recent revelations from a former Bethesda Game Studios employee shed light on the reasons behind this post-launch slump.

Starfield’s Lasting Impact: A Candid Conversation with Will Shen

During the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, Will Shen, a former Bethesda employee who contributed to Starfield’s development, shared some intriguing insights into the creation of both the Fallout series and Starfield. Shen’s experience with Bethesda spanned many years before he moved on to work at a new studio.

The Missing Piece: Starfield’s Final Quest

“Starfield was a challenging project with an enormous team of five hundred developers. The final stages came together in a rushed format, out of necessity and urgency,” Shen shared. This lack of time led to an unsatisfying ending for players – the final mission featured a repetitive formula that made little sense and fell flat.

“It was supposed to be an action-filled payoff, but it almost didn’t make the cut,” Shen admitted.

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