Nintendo Shares Drop After Switch 2 Delay, Report Says

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Nintendo Shares Plummet After Switch 2 Delay Reports

According to a report from Bloomberg, Nintendo shares experienced a significant drop of “up to 8.8%” following claims that the long-awaited Switch 2 console has been delayed.

Delayed Launch: Anticipation Turns to Disappointment

Late last week, rumors emerged suggesting the new Nintendo console could be delayed. Brazilian journalist Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe reported multiple sources claimed as much in a report via VGC.

Despite the delay, many had anticipated the console’s launch this year due to growing excitement. This anticipation led to a significant rise in Nintendo stock.

Nintendo Stock Takes a Hit

As of early February 2024, the Nintendo Switch console had sold over . However, investors and gamers alike expressed disappointment with the delay announcement.

Patience Required: Nintendo Financial Update Awaited

Currently, fans will have to wait until the next Nintendo financial update for more detailed information on the Switch 2’s status. The update is expected to release in May 2024.

Rumors and Speculation: Switch 2 Features

Various rumors about the Switch 2 surfaced in recent months. Late January 2024, Omdia analyst Hiroshi Hayase suggested the new console would feature a more affordable price tag and an OLED screen. A lower cost and an OLED version could still be released later.

Upcoming Nintendo Event: Potential Switch 2 Announcement

Rumors suggest that Nintendo could hold an event sometime this week. While nothing has been confirmed, speculation suggests it may be a partner showcase where the Switch 2 could be announced.

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