Respawn Plans Series of Security Updates After Apex Legends Hack

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Apex Legends: Respawn Announces Security Updates After Esports Hack

During the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), Respawn Entertainment acknowledged plans for a series of new updates to boost security in the popular Battle Royale game. This announcement came following an incident where professional eSports players’ accounts were hacked during the North American Regional Finals tournament.

The Hack and Responses from Respawn and EAC

Respawn remained tight-lipped about the details behind the hack, but did share that their teams had already implemented “the first of a layered series of updates” to address security concerns. It’s currently uncertain when the next updates will be rolled out.

Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC), the third-party anti-cheat software used by Apex Legends, claimed there was no RCE exploit involved in the hack. Despite reports suggesting otherwise.

ALGS NA Regional Finals Postponement and Reassurances

The hack ultimately delayed the ALGS NA regional finals tournament, which currently doesn’t have a rescheduled date. The Apex Legends Esports account updated fans on Twitter regarding the situation.

According to the post, “at this time, we do not anticipate any changes to the Split 1 Playoffs”. The ALGS Year 4 Split 1 Playoffs will be a live LAN event, starting on May 2nd. The eSports post also promised more information in the near future.

Apex Legends’ Recent Update and Layoffs

It’s worth noting that Apex Legends recently underwent a massive update, which overhauled Battle Royale gameplay. This could be coincidental to the eSports hack.

Breakout and Changes to Legend Upgrades

The update introduced a new Legend Upgrade system, replacing the EVO leveling. Now, players can adjust their hero mid-game using Shield Cores instead of the EVO Shield system.

Employee Layoffs at Apex Legends Team

An unspecified number of employees from the Apex Legends team at Respawn were also recently let go. Notable departures include social media lead Alex Ackerman.

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