Call of Duty Cheat Provider Interwebz Shuts Down After Legal Notice

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Interwebz, a Call of Duty Cheat Provider, Announces Shutdown

Interwebz, a well-known cheat provider for Call of Duty games, announced on its official Website that it is shutting down existing services. The announcement came after the company received a legal notice, leaving them with few options.

Interwebz’s Cheating Services Cease to Exist

Cheat services from Interwebz have been in operation for several years, but their time is now coming to an end. The reason behind this decision was revealed in a statement on their Website:

“We regret to inform you that due to receiving a legal notice, Interwebz is forced to discontinue its services. We don’t have many other options available.”

Call of Duty Community Rejoices at Interwebz’s Demise

The news was met with satisfaction from the Call of Duty community, particularly @charlieINTEL on Twitter who tweeted “good riddance” to Interwebz. Many other fans were also pleased at the prospect of a more balanced and fair contact gaming experience.

Activision’s Recent Security Concerns

Last week, Activision’s Twitter account was hacked, leading to the company regaining control and promising to investigate further. The incident may or may not be related to Interwebz’s legal troubles:

“We take security seriously and we plan to investigate what occurred to avoid situations such as these in the future.”

Activision’s Success in Combating Cheats

In February, Activision’s Team RICOCHET successfully banned over 60,000 players in just four days for cheating. The team has been making significant progress recently in combating cheats within the Call of Duty community.

Upcoming Call of Duty Releases

The latest Season 2 Reloaded update was released earlier this month, and Sledgehammer Games recently teased the possible return of a fan-favorite mode in Modern Warfare 3. However, most fans are currently looking forward to the launch of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile tomorrow.

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