Connie Booth Has Gone From PlayStation to Electronic Arts

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**Former PlayStation Employee Connie Booth Joins Electronic Arts: What’s Next for the Veteran Producer?**

*October 2021 saw a significant departure from PlayStation when Connie Booth, the long-time Head of Production, left the company under mysterious circumstances.*

**Connie Booth’s Unexpected Exit from PlayStation and New Role at Electronic Arts**

After thirty-four years of dedicated service, Connie Booth’s departure from PlayStation was shrouded in rumors. The reasons behind her sudden exit were never disclosed publicly. However, recent developments reveal that Booth has landed a new role – this time at Electronic Arts (EA).

**Booth’s New Role: A General Manager Position in Action RPG Studios at EA**

In a recent announcement, it was revealed that Connie Booth has joined EA as the General Manager for their Action RPG studios. This role includes working closely with key studios such as EA Motive, Cliffhanger Productions, and BioWare. Booth will now report directly to Laura Miele, the newly appointed Head of EA Entertainment.

**Implications for EA: Impact on Franchises like Iron Man, Black Panther, and More**

With her new position at EA, Connie Booth will have a significant impact on various projects. She’ll be involved in shaping the future of franchises like Iron Man, Black Panther, Mass Effect 4, and Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

**Revitalizing BioWare: Booth’s Potential Influence on the Struggling Studio**

Amidst EA’s ongoing restructuring efforts that have resulted in nearly 1,000 employees being let go worldwide and the closure of studios and games, Booth’s role in BioWare has sparked interest. Given the studio’s recent downturn, she may look to implement strategies that have worked for her at PlayStation to revitalize BioWare and its popular franchises.

**Stay Tuned for More Insights: Connie Booth’s New Beginning at EA**

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