Who is the Puck Voice Actor in Nightingale? – Answered

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Title: Meet Puck, Your Guide in Nightingale: Who Voices this Magical Fae Character?

H2: Discovering Puck in Nightingale: A Non-Human, Floating, and Fae Companion

In the enchanting world of Nightingale, one of the first characters you encounter is none other than Puck. His distinctive features set him apart: an ornate mask concealing his face and the ability to float, evidently marking him as a Fae creature. But have you ever wondered who brings Puck’s captivating voice to life in this intriguing game?

H2: Marc Warren: The Talented Voice Actor Behind the Magical Puck

The enchanting voice of Puck in Nightingale belongs to none other than Marc Warren. Though his name might not resonate with every gamer, his impressive list of credits will surely ring a bell! A well-known figure in British television and films, Marc Warren has graced our screens with various memorable roles. While his ventures into the video game industry are relatively new, given the exceptional quality of Puck’s performance, it’s safe to assume this won’t be his last voice acting project.

H2: The Friendly Fae: Puck’s Role in Nightingale

Unlike many other Fae beings, Puck does not harbor disdain for humans. Instead, he aims to assist players in mastering the Fae Realms, braving their trials and flourishing in a realm foreign to them. In essence, Puck assumes the role of your guide and mentor throughout your Nightingale adventure.

H2: Guidance from Puck: Learning the Basics in Nightingale

Upon entering the first dungeon, you’ll encounter Puck. He encourages exploration of Realm Cards and stepping through the gate for the first time. Additionally, he imparts valuable knowledge on how to gather food and resources, craft essential items, such as a tent, bedroll, and tools, and prepares you for the challenges ahead.

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